NSW title here we come!

There are NSW title coming Saturday 7th November at Itaro club Lismore!
28 member from Takano dojo entry the competition.
Try your best all Takano dojo and let’s have a fan!!!

Brisbane seminar and Gradinig

We had a Takahashi Syuseki-shihan’s Brisbane seminar and grading at Lourdes Hill college on 1st,2nd of April.
We training first day and next day is grading under Syuseki-shihan.

The result of grading is,,,
1st kyu Reo O
6th kyu Seth R
7th kyu Lucy R, Lucas D, Stefan S, Jin N
8th kyu Ryan S, Ken K, Jason F,
9th kyu Junoh H, Kyle W,

Well done Takano dojo Runcorn Heights.

Next grading will be July.
Thank you very much Syuseki sihan for great time for us.


21 medals from Wide Bay Tittle!

We went to Wide Bay Tittle at Childers on 2nd and 3rd of May.
We got 8 Gold,6 Silver and 7 Browns medals from 11 members of us!
Also Ryuki got the encouragement Award from president of TSKF!

But this Tittle’s big news from us is Stefan and Lucy’s win!!!

Excellent work Takano dojo!

Our Chief instructor in Central Gold Coast dojo!

Takahashi Syuseki-Shihan (TSKF chief instructor 9th-dan)is in Central Gold Coast dojo for our grading and training on 7th Mech.
We got great instruction from Our Syuseki-Shihan. Thank you very much !

The result of grading is,,,
4th-kyu Kai F ,Sasha M
5th-kyu Manami N
7th-kyu Koki Y , Hana N , Rick N , Ryu O ,
8th-kyu Kanata K , Oscar N , Ko D , Joe D , Rosario S
9th-kyu Caleb D , Shohta M , Masato M , Eriko Y

Aiso Shyo-dan(new black belt) Nico Nishi, Kye Nishi

Well done, the member who grade up today!
Also the member who did’t grading today,next grading will be July with Syuseki shihan.
Keep training hard! Oss!

Well done Takano Dojo in Australasian championship!

We won 19 medals by 23 Members from Takano Dojo.
8 x 1st place, 8 x 2nd place, 3 x 3rd place, Also we got “Club Merit Award” from deputy chief instructor Mark Willis!
You are all awesome Takano Dojo members.
Next event will be TSKF Q.L.D title in Rockhampton!

1st Australasian Championships 2015 28 days to go!

9-14 March,2015 Runaway Bay Indoor Sports Stadium, Gold Coast
The black belts Finals kick off from 12:30 pm Saturday 14th of March!

We have a biggest ever TSKF competitions on Runaway bay.
They are over 300 members entry from: Aoyama-uni karate club(Japan),New zealand and all state of Australia.
Aoyama-uni was last year’s JKA all Japan’s 2nd place male and female team kata’s!
Against The team Australia was 2012 ISKF World cup Champions of men’s team kumite ,2nd in men’s team kata ,and champion of woman’s team kata.
They will fight for there pride!

Also more than 30 members entry from Takano dojo. How many medals can they get???
Everyone please support Japan, Australia or Takano dojo!

Enjoy our dynamic and beautiful Karate!
Please welcome and watching Free .

Happy New Year All my friends!!!

I hope every one had a enjoyed Christmas and great New Year!
There are Australasian Champion Ship on 9th~14th of March.It is big event and you don`t miss out it!
And QLD Tittle at Rockhampton on 8th~11th of July.
Every one let`t enjoy it!

Central Gold Coast dojo grading and Christmas party!

We had a 13 member passed the grading.
The result is,,,
5th kyu Kai F , Sasha M
6th kyu Manami P
8th kyu Rick P , Hana N , Ryu O , Koki Y ,
9th kyu Ko D , Joe D , kan ata K , Oscar W , Rosario S , Sally L
Well done Central Gold Coast dojo. I know all of you were training herd!

We had training before the grading instruct by Steve-sansei.
It was great training in hot day.

Also we had a Christmas party after grading.
All member got presents from sensei-santa and we did Nafe gun shooting game, also Suikawari( Watermelon Piñata)as well.
Also thank you for the nice foods you bring to us from members mum and Dad.
We all have a great time!

Now, coming up this weekend is Brisbane tittle .Go! Takano dojo!!!

Runcorn Heights dojo grading result.

We had a 18 member passed the grading.
The result is,,,
3rd kyu Joshua H , Andrew H
4th kyu Ken A , Dean A
5th kyu Karla N
7th kyu Seth R , Mitchell H
8th kyu Stefan S , Jin N , Lucas D , Lucy R
9th kyu Ashlee H , Lachlan H , Ken K , Kellie R , Ryan S , Jason F , Lidija D
Well done Runcorn Heights dojo. You are all awesome!

Also we had a Christmas party after grading.
All member got presents from sensei-santa and we did Nafe gun shooting game also suikawari( Watermelon Piñata)as well.
Also thank you for the nice foods from members mum and Dad.
We all have a great time!

Steve sensei’s seninar

Steve sensei(6th Dan Black belt,President of TSKF QLD )is coming to Central Gold Coast dojo for special class on Saturday 27th September.
All Shotokan-karate-ka welcome to join us. It is good reason to come to extra training in school holiday.See you soon .Oss