TSKF Brisbane competition

Oss, Every one!
TSKF Brisbane title is coming 7th of December 2013.
It is only 4 weeks.
Every one, come and trainig together with us for your fun and exciting competition!

New Brown belt

We had a Gradings under Steve-sensei.
Well done Boys & Girl!

The Grading resalt is,,,
Mitchell Haddock 9th kyu
Karla Narita Temp 7th kyu
Reo Otsubo 3rd kyu(New Brown belt)

Congratulation Reo for your new Brown belt !
Alex will give you his old brown belt for you.

Now, your training will be herder than before.
I recommend to brown belt member. you should training more than 5 times a week.


Reo is the Champion again!

We had TSKF NSW Title at Lismore yesterday.
The result of competition are,,,
Reo Otsubo got 1st place in Kata , 2nd place in Kumite in 4th~6th kyu division .
Also he got 2nd place in team Kata.
Congratulation! We are proud of you, Reo!

The Grading

Oss, The next grading will be at our dojo on Tuesday 12th of November.
Start from 6:30pm.

The Member who not grading, still training together. So all welcome to the day .

Competitions & Grading coming soon.

Brisbane title, NSW title & the customary grading is coming soon.
It is happening between November~December.
Sensei will let you know as soon as we got more information.
Everyone training harder for you to win!