We are opening a new Dojo at Gold Coast!

Oss, Everyone!
T.S.K.F Central Gold Coast (Takano) Dojo opens at Ashmore State School on the 2nd of April, 17:30 Wednesday.

There will be a FREE lesson & FREE pizza for Everyone!

We will be training 3 days a week:
Mondays & Wednesdays at Ashmore State School, Dance Studio – 17:30~19:30
Saturdays at Benowa State School, Hall – 15:00~17:00

Opening special –> “First 3 Lesson Free” for Karate beginners. (Applies only to first month of opening)

Wellcome new Karate Members!

Well done Runcorn Heights dojo at Nationals!

1st place for 6-4 kyu U 150cm Kumite——Josh Haddock
3rd place for black belt boys 16-18 Kata–Anthony Wah
1st place for black belt 150-170 Kata—–Alex Wah
1st place for black belt 150-170 Kumite—Alex Wah

Our Friends from Kensei-kai Gold Coast
1st place for 3-1 kyu U 150cm Kata——–Ryutaro Nakamura
2nd place for 3-1 kyu U 150cm Kata——–Kye Puno

Junior Encouragement Award from Takahashi Shihan–Alex Wah

Well done Boys! We are proud of you!

We also had three days training under Takahashi Shihan.
Anthony Wah, Alex Wah, Reo Otsubo, Andrew Haddock, Josh Haddock, Dae won Lee, Ryutaro Nakamura (Kensei-kai), Kye Puno (Kensei-kai) – You will all be champions! So, training hard boys! Believe me and yourself!
Faster! Stronger! Oss!!!

Our first training in 2014

Our first training at Runcorn Heights is Thu 9th of Jan 2014.
Also Mon 6th of Jan is only the black belts training at Sherwood dojo start from 6:30pm.
Sat 11th of Jan is only the Black & Brown belts training at Sherwood dojo.
See you there.

Josh is the best of Karate

We had last training of the 2013 yesterday.
We had party After one hour training.
We did “Suika wari” and had plenty of foods like Sushi, cakes &many more sweets,sweets,and sweet!
Little and big children got a party bag!
Also Nico,kai,Rick and Manami came from Gold Coast and joined in our training.

This years Best Karate aword in Runcorn Heights is,
Josh,H. Well done Josh. Keep training hard in next year as well!

Kagawa sensei`s Gassyuku.

I went to Kagawa sensei`s(JKS) Gassyuku in Gympie last week ends.
It was great experience. Thank you Kagawa sensei. I will say Oss to Our master,Takahashi shihan for you.

65times Heian-syodan

Well done TSKF Runcorn Heights.
We done 65 times Heian_ syodan for 2nd last nights of the year.

Mitchell H ,Ashlee H ,Ken A , Dean A , Josh H , Andrew H ,Alex W , Anthony W
You boys & girl tried heard!!!

WE have a party nex Thursday at the Dojo.

Every one see you at there!

Dojo close

Oss, Everyone.
Our last day of training in 2013 is 19th of December.
And First day of Training in 2014 is 9th of January.
Just remember we have only 12 times training before Takahashhi shihan`s Grading.
If you want extra training in the holiday , Ask your sensei.

Message to you.

Well done to all members who competed at Brisbane title.
Don`t worry if you weren`t able to get a medal.
The most important thing is that you learn from the competition and work heard to improve your karate.

Just remember “in competition the winner is the person who thinks about karate the most and trains harder than their competitars.”

I know you all have great karate ability and the ability to be a winner!!!

Senior spirit Award to Andrew

We went to TSKF Brisbane title at LoganVillage 7th of Dec.
It was great atmosphere & great fun!
The results of the competition is,,,

Mitchell Haddock -2nd place in Kata
Dae Won Lee -2nd place in Kata
Josh Haddock -2nd place in Kata & 1st in Kumite
Andrew Haddock -2nd place in Kata & 1st in Kumite

Also,Andrew Haddock got The Senior spirit Award of TSKF Brisbane title.
Well done Boys! We are proud of you !