QLD Title,You all awesome Takano dojo!

Oss,Every one.
We had QLD Title last week .
It was herd and enjoyable training between 23~25/July.
Thank you Takahashhi-shihan.
There were competition on 26th July.
Takano dojo got great result.

Runcorn Heights dojo
Reo 2nd Kumite
Seth 3rd kumite
Jeff 1st kumite 3rd kata

Also Lucy,Ethan,Stefan,Lucas and Jason done very well!
You will get medal next time! We are so proud of you!

Central Gold Coast dojo
Kye 1st kumite 1st kata 1st team kata
Kai 3rd kumite 3rd kata 1st team kata
Sasha 1st kumite 1st team kata
Nico 3rd kata 2nd team kata
Hana 3rd kumite 1st kata 2nd team kata
Ryu 1st kumite 1st kata 2nd team kata
Tomoki 2nd kumite 2nd kata 1st team kata
Rick 1st kumite 1st kata 1st team kata
Koki 1st team kata
Thamara3rd kumite 1st kata 4th team kata
Kanata 2nd kumite 4th team kata
Manami 3rd kumite 1st kata 4th team kata

All of Gold Coast members got Medal! 100%!!
It is unbelievable!!!

Well done All of Takano dojo!
Go,herder Takano dojo!

The grading result

We had Takahashi-shihan’s Brisbane seminar and Grading last 20~22 July.
It was great training for all levels of Karate-ka.

The result of the grading is
Runcorn Heights dojo
2nd kyu Reo Ostubo
4th kyu Jeff Ryan
8th kyu Seth Robley
9th kyu Lucy Bobley
9th kyu Lucas Dumaguing
9th kyu Stefan Sare
9th kyu Ethan Mccallum
9th kyu Jin Nishio

Central Gold Coast dojo
2nd kyu Kye Puno
6th kyu Sasha Mcdonald
6th kyu Kai Foran(double grade up)
Temp 6th kyu Tomoki Takeda(1 1/2 grade up)
Temp 7th kyu Manami Nishi(double &1/2 grade up)
9th kyu Rick Puno
9th kyu Ryu Otsu
9th kyu Koki Yamamoto
9th kyu Hana Nakajima

Well done Takano dojo members!
Next grading will be on November.

QLD Title here we are!

Oss, Every one!
It is TSKF QLD Title start from Wed 23/July.
We will enjoy 6 training seminar in 3days then Our competition on Sat 26/July.
You are worm welcome to visit us. The official opening is start from 1 pm, you will see finals.
Go heard for Runcorn Heights dojo and Central Gold Coast dojo!

The Grading is coming 22nd July!

Oss,Every one.
We have Takahashi-shihan’s Brisbane seminar and Grading soon.
14:00~16:00 20/July seminar
18:00~20:00 21/July seminar
18:00~20:00 22/July Grading
At TSKF Sherwood dojo. Where is school hall of Sherwood state school QLD
See you there every one!

Satoshi sensei and Ben sensei coming to our club!

Oss Every one!
We have a great gests.
Satoshi sensei and Ben sensei is coming to Central Gold Coast on Saturday training!
We will ask Satoshi sensei to take our class this time.(Ben sensei will take our class next visit,Because he want to more training this time).

So, All our friends welcome to join our class.

At school Hall
Benowa State School
314-358 Benowa Road
Benowa QLD 4217

3:00pm~5:00pm on Satuday 17th of May 2014
Every one See you at there!

Great results Takano dojo!

Well done Runcorn Heights dojo and Central Gold Coast dojo at TSKF Wide bay title!
Our all members placed top three at all Divisions which they entered.
The result of competition is ,,,

Central Gold Coast dojo
Kye got a 1st place in Kata and 1st place in kumite in brown belt Div.
Rick got a 1st place in Kata and 1st place in Kumite in 10~7th kyu Div.
Manami got a 2nd place in Kata in 10~7th kyu Div.

Runcorn Heights dojo
Reo got a 3rd place in Kata and 3rd place in Kumite in brown Div.

Gold Coast and Runcorn ‘s combine team got 1st place in 16teams in colour belt Div.

Also, Reo got Junior spirit award !!! He got a big trophy !!!
Well done Central Gold Coast, and Reo!!!

Change location !

Oss! TSKF Central Gold Coast’s friends!
We moved from Ashmore S.S to Benowa High S.S from next week 5th of May(Mon)!!!
So, our class is
Mon – Benowa High S.S (new) 5:30-7:30pm
Wed- Benowa High S.S (new) 5:30-7:30pm
Sat – Benowa S.S 3:00-5:00pm
Benowa High State School is opposite of Benowa State School

Please every one come to Central Gold Coast dojo after you had relax time on the beach!!!

We are open Fun kids Karate clubs !

Oss! Every one.
We open 2 new dojo for Karate Kids, Call Fun Kids Karate club Benowa S.S and Fun Kids Karate Runcorn Heights S.S!
It is age for between 4 ~12 years old. First lesson Free! Karate uniform available.