1st Australasian Championships 2015 28 days to go!

9-14 March,2015 Runaway Bay Indoor Sports Stadium, Gold Coast
The black belts Finals kick off from 12:30 pm Saturday 14th of March!

We have a biggest ever TSKF competitions on Runaway bay.
They are over 300 members entry from: Aoyama-uni karate club(Japan),New zealand and all state of Australia.
Aoyama-uni was last year’s JKA all Japan’s 2nd place male and female team kata’s!
Against The team Australia was 2012 ISKF World cup Champions of men’s team kumite ,2nd in men’s team kata ,and champion of woman’s team kata.
They will fight for there pride!

Also more than 30 members entry from Takano dojo. How many medals can they get???
Everyone please support Japan, Australia or Takano dojo!

Enjoy our dynamic and beautiful Karate!
Please welcome and watching Free .