Runcorn Heights dojo grading result.

We had a 18 member passed the grading.
The result is,,,
3rd kyu Joshua H , Andrew H
4th kyu Ken A , Dean A
5th kyu Karla N
7th kyu Seth R , Mitchell H
8th kyu Stefan S , Jin N , Lucas D , Lucy R
9th kyu Ashlee H , Lachlan H , Ken K , Kellie R , Ryan S , Jason F , Lidija D
Well done Runcorn Heights dojo. You are all awesome!

Also we had a Christmas party after grading.
All member got presents from sensei-santa and we did Nafe gun shooting game also suikawari( Watermelon PiƱata)as well.
Also thank you for the nice foods from members mum and Dad.
We all have a great time!