Great seminar & Excellent Gradings!

We had a great seminar and Gradings under Takahashi-shihan.
Well done Boys & Girls!

The Grading resalt is,,,,

Reo Otsubo 5th Kyu
Josh Haddock 6th Kyu
Benjamin Paul 6th Kyu
Nicholas Paul 6th Kyu
Andrew Haddock 6yh Kyu
Ken Anulomsombat 7th Kyu
Dean Anulomsombat 7th Kyu
Well done Boys!

Thank you for your support Runcorn Heights dojo Supporters!
Alex and Anthony Wah training hard at seminar. they are more tougher now.
Anthony got new black belt from Shihan.

And arigatou gozaimasu Shihan!