Events coming up this year!

Hitotsu (Firstly)… The Lismore Tittles in NSW is coming up. The two training semiars are on the The 29th, and the competition will be on the 30th (of September). There will be free accommodation and there is a big party after the competition. It will be a relaxing & fun!

Futatsu (Secondly)…We are going to do some Karate Demonstrations at a Japanese Carnival at Indooroopilly State High School on the 27th of October.

Mittsu (Thirdly)…Here we go! Brisbane Tittles at Runcorn Heights State School (the new hall) will be on the 24th of November! Let’s enjoy it!

Yottsu (Fourthly)… Gradings at Runcorn Heights, some time in late November or early December.