Next Grading will be on 29th of July!

The Brisbane seminar will be on the 28th of July . The gradings will be on the 29th of July, both at Macgregor State High School.

To get there, The Dojo is located at 3the side gate of the school which is at 7 Wadley Street, Macgregor, QLD 4109. It will be in the school’s sports centre.

The training times are from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm on Saturday.

The Graiding will be start from 10am on Sunday. but everyone, better come 15 minutes before start time.

Whoever is going to grade must come to one or two seminars.

For more details, ask your Sensei.

Also, Anthony is going for Black belt gradings! Let’s support him.

Come on Anthony!!!